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Payton Hillman


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"Every bride can recall the moment that their wedding planning experience had become overwhelming and the thought of going to the court house or eloping was your best option. Mine was 1 month before my recent wedding, I stood in my venue and thought everything I had planned for, all my decor I had purchased, my vendors I had booked, the day I imagined was not going to be executed to the standards I wanted. That was until 3 days later when I met with the AMAZING Megan Frizzell! After our meeting I knew I was in the best hands possible and that I would have nothing more to do on my wedding day other than to show up and walk down the aisle. She developed a detailed itinerary for all of our vendors, bridal party, photographer and us the bride and groom. She went behind the scenes in 3 weeks and was able to take the burden of final details away from us and allow us to enjoy and actually experience our last few weeks before our big day. I never felt stressed, I never questioned her intuitions because Megan has an innate quality of always being one step ahead while providing a professional and detail oriented service every step of the way. Your wedding day is a whirlwind, it comes at you so fast and you are pulled in every direction and it is almost impossible to recall every moment. I recently was able to view my final photos from our wedding, we have thousands of photos with the people we love and were honored to share our day with however, the photos that were some of the most meaningful to me was how perfectly executed our decor was. I had to take a moment and sit in astonishment as to how beautifully decorated our venue was. I remember Megan coming to our house to walk through every piece of decor we had purchased, with one walk through and a few pictures from Pintrest, Megan created the perfect ambiance for our day. Megan, thank you for being the backbone of our union and for stepping when I needed you most. You single handedly executed our perfect day in every aspect flawlessly. My only regret is that we did not seek out your services sooner."

- Nichole & David

Megan is an absolute LIFESAVER! She was the biggest help for our wedding. From the moment that my husband and I met with her, we instantly felt relieved and at peace. This girl knows her stuff! She thought of things we hadn't even thought of and helped us plan our dream wedding. She is as sweet as can be and went above and beyond to coordinate every detail of our day. When our wedding day arrived, I felt like I could just relax and enjoy the day because I knew Megan was taking care of everything and making sure everything was done correctly. Without her, I would've felt so stressed. You will not be disappointed when choosing Megan to help plan and coordinate the most memorable day of your life

- Stephanie & Trevor

These words aren’t even going to do Megan justice because she is that amazing but.. Megan is the BEST! I didn’t even realize how much I was going to need her. She takes all of the stress off your plate and helps any way she can before your wedding. On the day of my wedding I didn’t even have to think what I should be doing next or looking at the time she had everything under control and was on top of EVERYTHING! I have no clue what we would have done without her. You need her for your wedding if you want to have a stress free wedding and enjoy yourself!

- Brooke & Justin


"When I say Megan is a life changer, there is no exaggeration. I hired Megan after making a mess of wedding planning myself and she came in and cleaned everything up. I’m generally a very organized person, but for some reason with my own wedding I could not keep one thing straight. Megan literally took ALL of my wedding stress away and helped with EVERYTHING. She helped with things I didn’t even know needed to be helped with. My entire family and tons of guests also said how amazing she was on the wedding day! She helps with vendors, she makes the timeline, she helps make sure everything is going along with the timeline (much needed), there’s literally nothing she can’t do. She is someone who is naturally super detail-oriented and organized! She was my rock for my wedding, seriously. I know that my wedding would not have been so smooth if I didn’t have Megan. I am forever grateful for Megan and 100% recommend her to every single bride I know! Best wedding decision!"

- Natalie & Nick

"I don’t know where to begin with how crucial Megan was to our wedding day.  I had a lot planned out, but until we got Megan involved I had NO CLUE how much more planning needed to be done. My goal for hiring a wedding coordinator was so that the day of our wedding all we had to do was show up and have a blast. Megan made that happen.  She took boxes and boxes of decorations, centerpieces, and who knows what else to the venue the morning of. She went around to each table to make sure all our thought out details were absolutely perfect. She also managed to wrangle our extra large bridal party for photos (10 groomsmen and 10 bridesmaids.) Our wedding day was one of THE BEST days of our lives and we will forever be grateful for having her be a part of it."

- Lyndsay & Jon

"Megan was wonderful! I booked her very last minute {2 months out from my wedding day}, as I was beginning to feel the stress of the day quickly approaching. From the start, Megan was very helpful and was always available for advice and support leading up the my wedding day. She created a very detailed timeline, contacted all the vendors and coordinated all events for the day-of, including set-up and take-down. I could not have accomplished everything without Megan, I would highly recommend her as your day-of coordinator!"

- Megan & Nate