About Megan

Hey there!My name is Megan Frizzell and I am a certified and insured Wedding Planner based out of Baltimore, Maryland.This just happened to be a life accident that I stumbled upon while planning my own wedding and realized I had found my niche. Wedding planning for me was a simple, smooth process and enjoyed every minute of it. When it came to choosing my wedding venue, I knew exactly what I was looking for. From then on, it all came together with choosing the perfect vendors, colors scheme, season and all the small details.When I'm not planning or coordinating weddings, I'm probably on a beach somewhere tropical! I love to travel, unwind and relax whenever I get a spare moment!  But hey, can ya blame me?  We all need a break from planning sometimes!Wedding planning for me is not a job, it’s my passion! I love being everywhere and nowhere all at the same time! Wanna see me in action? Hire me and let’s get planning!